Hi! I'm Danielle. After 7 and a half years of mobile dog grooming, I decided to park my bus and open up a brick and mortar. Don't get me wrong, that magic bus took me places and allowed me to support my family for years, but with all of the repairs and the demand for a new vehicle, I decided to take a chance, go with my gut and stop the mobile thing all together.  

I earned my grooming credentials by completing a 4 year working apprenticeship for a highly praised Master Groomer Doris Watson and The Pet Whisperers.   After working on hundreds of dogs and finishing at 10,000 hours, in January of 2014, I started my own mobile grooming business: Danielle's Mobile Dog Grooming.  Besides repairing my vehicle monthly, I loved being in a mobile job that included dogs!! It was my dream job, but unfortunately the repairs got the best of me . In October of 2017, I opened The Vista Pet Groomery & Co with and the help from my family and friends, we built the shop of my dreams.  

I never knew what it meant to be a dog groomer until I tried it out, I learned that as groomers, we are serving as the voice for the dogs when they can't communicate. I'm not saying I'm a vet or a dog psychic, but my intuitive nature and pure love for animals allows me to work with them in the most gentle, caring ways. I want to help dogs through the anxiety of the grooming process more than I want them to look beautiful. Their safety and care is my number one priority.